Steel Buildings

Federal Steel Systems

Federal Steel Systems was formed with the goal of creating a pre-engineered metal building company that could provide reliable service along with quality buildings. Today, their vision is a reality and the satisfaction of Federal Steel Systems’ customers is a testament to a job well done! Zuhaus Construction is now working in conjunction with Federal Steel Systems to deliver high-quality, pre-engineered metal buildings to the residents of Tucson.

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The Benefits of Steel Buildings

Zuhaus Construction, using Federal Steel Systems’ innovative building process, can save you money and time by assisting you with all of your steel building projects. Whether you need to build an expansive commercial warehouse or a small utility structure, our experienced designers and engineers will ensure you end up with a building that will meet your needs and your local code requirements. Get your project started by contacting Zuhaus Construction. You can also learn more about the building projects we can complete in conjunction with Federal Steel Systems by reading below.


Steel buildings are common in the commercial building industry for a number of reasons. Zuhaus Construction, utilizing the Federal Steel Systems innovative building process, can help you take advantage of pre-engineered steel construction. We can help with every step of the construction process, from the design of your steel building to its final completion.

Pre-engineered steel buildings offer two major advantages: low costs and speedy construction. Zuhaus Construction, in conjunction with Federal Steel Systems, can help you benefit from these advantages while building a structure that meets—or even exceedsindustry standards. Along with the advances that come from using Federal Steel Systems’ pre-engineered steel building methods, you can also benefit from a wide array of products that we offer to enhance your commercial building. 


Pre-engineered steel buildings are ideal for a wide range of agricultural structures. The building specialists at Zuhaus Construction, in conjunction with Federal Steel Systems, can help you design an agricultural building to best suit your needs. We offer several styles of frame systems that take advantage of the latest technology that pre-engineered steel framing can provide while still offering a traditional agricultural appearance. Our agricultural buildings include an upgraded trim and closure package at no additional cost to you. 


Zuhaus Construction is ready to utilize Federal Steel Systems’ pre-engineered steel building method to help you design and construct the perfect industrial building to fit your needs. With pre-engineered steel building technology, we can construct clear-span building widths of up to 250′ and bay sizes up to 60′ wide. We can also design your structure to support rooftop air handling units, a variety of different crane systems, and various other point loads that may be vital to your facility. If your industrial steel building requires a climate-controlled environment, we can incorporate high R-value wall and roof panels.


In conjunction with Federal Steel Systems, Zuhaus Construction offers a variety of aviation construction options. We can help you design and construct a commercial aviation hangar, an executive hangar, a small personal hangar, or any other steel aviation building that you might need. We also offer construction options for single and double nested t-hangars. In addition, we can provide a variety of door construction options, including pocket doors, bi-fold doors, and hydraulic lift doors.